Back to School: Time for Your Child's Annual Dental Exam

In the midst of dealing with new clothes, new shoes, and new backpacks, freshening up your kid’s smile might get overlooked. Make sure you protect their pearly whites as they go back to school, even if they’ll only be flashing their grins in a Zoom classroom.

Nataly Vilderman, DDS, offers comprehensive family and general dentistry to patients in and around San Francisco, serving the Park Merced, West Portal, and Outer Sunset areas. She can make sure your child’s dental exam and cleaning goes off without a hitch. Here's everything you need to know about your child's annual back-to-school dental exam.

Kids and dental care

Dental problems like plaque, tartar, and cavities affect millions of kids across the United States. An annual back-to-school dental exam allows us to catch any issues as early as possible and treat small problems before they turn into big ones. 

Your child's age and care needs dictate exactly what their annual back-to-school dental exam includes, but standard care entails:

Dr. Vilderman may also bring up other topics for your consideration. For example, your child may need a mouthguard for sports, braces or Invisalign® for an imperfect smile, or teeth whitening if they are in high school or college.

Additional treatments offered at our practice include dental sealants and fluoride treatments to further protect your child’s smile.

Preparing for your child’s appointment

Your child shouldn’t see the dentist as a frightening place. Here are some tips and tricks to help your child see their dental experiences as positive.

Schedule your child's appointment on a day and at a time when they're relaxed. Avoid:

Make sure your child eats a light meal before they come so they aren’t hungry while waiting for their appointment, but make it a small meal in case they have a sensitive gag reflex. Don’t let them chew gum on the day of their appointment, and remind them to brush and floss before coming to our office. 

To schedule a back-to-school annual dental exam for your child, contact our office today. You can book your appointment over the phone at 415-665-7800 or through our online tool.

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