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Nataly Vilderman DDS, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Dentist in San Francisco, CA

Our Dental Heritage in San Francisco, CA

One of the best in San Francisco Dentist, Dr. Nataly Vilderman proudly approaches two decades of practicing dentistry in bay area. As a member of several prestigious dental associations, she has thorough knowledge and training to perform general and esthetic dentistry including bridges, crowns, veneers, implants and other cosmetic and general treatments.

Dr. Vilderman, with her innovative cosmetic dental techniques and artistic eye, provides patients with the permanent naturally looking, beautiful teeth and smile they have always wanted.

Dr. Vilderman established a practice to offer quality dentistry with competitive costs for our SF California patients. Trust our friendly dentistry team as your dentist advocates: “we are there for you from education to routine dentist exams to dental emergencies and esthetic treatments”.

We know the dentist office isn’t always the favorite place to be, but we hope to offer a place of comfort and trust while providing the quality care to improve your dental health. Ask about our cost-effective dentist solutions starting from dental cleaning and bridges to cosmetic dentistry.

Call us today for an esthetic dental consultation or with any other concerns or suggestions for our top San Francisco Dentist. We proudly serve San Francisco and Daly City.

San Francisco Cosmetic Dentistry

Located in San Francisco CA, our dentist team and staff will be happy to meet with you to discuss any dental concerns/needs you might have, whether it’s regarding the cosmetic / esthetic dentistry, or general dental health and routine maintenance. 

When you meet and share your esthetic concerns and dentistry priorities with our top San Francisco Dentist for a cosmetic dental consultation, you can expect understanding and solutions. Using the knowledge of effective and modern cosmetic dentistry, we will work together with you to come up with the best possible treatment plan that serves your dental needs. Our dentist will help you decide if a bridge, crown, veneer, implant, simple whitening, or other cosmetic treatment is right for you. We will be open about cost and payment options upfront.

Feel comfortable through the procedure and follow-up visits for full-service care and cosmetic dentistry expertise. Throughout the process, expect full-disclosure and educational materials from the dentist about what to expect in terms of esthetics, and how the cosmetic treatment can improve the way you look. 

Offering Dental Bridges And Much More

 A dental bridge replaces missing teeth with fixed porcelain prosthetics. The cosmetic bridge may cover the gap of one or several teeth, and is fastened to adjacent healthy teeth called anchors or abutment teeth. Bridges are common appliance in esthetic dentistry, after short procedure it greatly improves natural-looking smile. Your dentist can talk with you about cost comparisons to other cosmetic dentistry options, such as dental implants to improve the esthetics of your smile.

In our practice, one of the best San Francisco Dentist will build a bridge to your smile that will last for years to come.  

Contact us TODAY @ (415) 665-7800 to schedule an APPOINMENT!   


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